Reposting in honor of my husband’s birthday, my hero.

Every year I consider writing a blog to my husband, the writer. But I really think I said it best this one time. Happy Birthday Steve, can’t WAIT to see you. Seriously.  … Continue reading

My Day in Jipijapa

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The streets of Jipijapa. This is an extremely calm scene relative to most times. Notice the name on the commercial tienda. “El Gato.” Everyone has a nickname here,…

Day 13: Maria Blount aka “la Chihuahua”

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(Note: One of the great fortunes I’ve experienced in traveling is the tendency to develop “sister relationships” in different places. It’s probably the result of being an…

Day 10: Ray Scales (The Rev)

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Ray Scales, back in the day when everyone knew him as the best television camera man in Arkansas. (Note: I first met Ray Scales in 1988 when…

Day 6: Annie O’Neil

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(Note: Annie O’Neil is a producer and documentary film maker. You can catch her work at some links listed below.) Dear Annie: There are all kinds of…

Day 3: Nate and Faith Walter

Dear Nate & Faith: It was such a pleasure meeting you both in Santiago de Compostela last November. Lucky for us Dana made us keep searching the narrow, crowded streets, and that we… Continue reading

Metanoia: The Ultimate Game Changer

“What comes to our mind when we think about God is the most important thing about us.” ~ A.W. Tozer It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly when, or what caused it, but at some point,… Continue reading

Clean Slate: A Vision

Prologue One of the favorite things about my life in recent years is a growing diversity of friendships. I have friends of every color and creed across six continents, representing many religions, as… Continue reading

High-Rolling Luxury in Santo Domingo

Source: High-Rolling Luxury in Santo Domingo   A chapter from my husbands book on walking the Camino de Santiago a few months ago in Spain.

I’m 50: And No Longer Untested

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50. Two score and 10. Half a century. L. However you phrase it, I become all those things today, and it’s nice to have this one day, when…