Ecuador Bound the adventure begins

Ecuador Bound the adventure begins. check out our new friends blog from Florida, we just met them last weekend…they are just starting their blog but will have more photos to follow! Advertisements

7 days..7 things I won’t miss…..and 7 things I’m looking forward to at home…

Yesterday I mentioned 8 things I will miss about Ecuador. Today, read about the things I won’t miss. 1. Power Outages. 2.The way we watch television…. 3. Driving 30 minutes to an hour… Continue reading

8 days til we leave Ecuador….8 things I will miss

We came to Ecuador to live in our new home 89 days ago. We leave to return to Arkansas in 8 days. ¬†We can’t wait to be home, but here are the top… Continue reading

Hoy-(today) grocery day in Ecuador

9 weeks in Puerto Cayo, Ecuador

I have driven our 5 speed rental to town at least 2 times now on my own. I have not ventured out of Puerto Cayo, but feeling more confident to run to town… Continue reading

Reposting in honor of my husband’s birthday, my hero.

Reposting in honor of my husband’s birthday, my hero..  

Otavalo – South America’s Most Famous Market

Otavalo – South America’s Most Famous Market.

40 days and 40 nights away from the U.S.

Recap of our last 40 days and 40 nights coming to Ecuador, highs and lows: 1. The Pacific, beautiful and blue as far as the eye can see 2. The rainy season, making… Continue reading


Originally posted on Pilgrim Strong:
Today, we visited Agua Blanca, a spring in the Machalilla National Park near Puerto Lopez. Agua Blanca is a beautiful forest, wild animals everywhere and a type of…

this one is called SOMETHING CREATIVE

Nawi bar opening, Nawi Fest, Puerto Cayo Quito Airport, waiting on car rental