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Today, we visited Agua Blanca, a spring in the Machalilla National Park near Puerto Lopez. Agua Blanca is a beautiful forest, wild animals everywhere and a type of…

this one is called SOMETHING CREATIVE

Nawi bar opening, Nawi Fest, Puerto Cayo Quito Airport, waiting on car rental


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Dana fits in just about anywhere, even her first Nawi Fest. How does a fair-skinned, blue-eyed gringo at his first Nawi Fest become the most popular guy on…

Another look, only in photos

A new year’s tradition here where they make these paper mache type characters and burn the old years away at midnight. I had to laugh since I have a friend who shops at… Continue reading

One Month into our stay in Ecuador

FLIP FLOPS I’ve been wearing flip flops now almost every day, exclusively for a month. You may be thinking how wonderful that sounds, especially if you have been a victim of the winter… Continue reading

South window

I am a native Arkansan, so I’m very familiar with the term “Southern” and all the connotations that stereotypically come to mind. I even like most of them and have a certain amount… Continue reading

The Power of YES

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“Say, yes. And if you’re lucky, you will find people who say ‘yes’ back. Now will saying yes, get you in trouble at times? Will saying yes, lead…

From Arkansas to Ecuador: We Finally Made It.

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At the East entrance to Casa Azul with my new moto and our rented Chevy Spark. My last post was one week ago today as Dana and I…

Watkins House Completion – Final Update

Watkins House Completion – Final Update.

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Now that the moment’s upon us, I’m not quite sure what to say, or how to say it. For six months now, Dana and I have awaited this…