Another window just opened and the Pacific breeze is flowing through!

It’s Really Happening. Just Got the News!. Read my reblog of Latitude1. We just received our first photos from a second home we are building in Puerto Cayo, Ecuador. 🙂 Dana (and Steve)… Continue reading

Windows of Light

I came up with this idea in my sleep, so it has to be a great one, right? Wanted to share a few more with the theme of light. Here goes.


Originally posted on Pilgrim Strong:
(Blogger‘s Note: This post is targeted to bloggers who are working to build a strong social media platform – for those who are building a base for marketing their work.…

addicted to shooting

You may think you are addiction free. I might even agree with you. What if I were to propose to you that, managed addictions be called passions? would you like it better? So… Continue reading

Looking down..

One of my favorite things to do when flying is to capture the scenery from up above. The quality of the photos is probably embarrassing to some of you, but I can’t resist… Continue reading


Welcome to MyWindow2theWorld. We are all curious. Many of us are visual learners, or visually stimulated. I grew up with a mother who was always capturing special times in photos. I always enjoyed… Continue reading


What is so wonderful about windows? The view. They are a dynamic concept, allowing us to look out from our perspective, and also allowing others to look in and get a new perspective.… Continue reading