House Hunters International in Ecuador: Answers to the Questions

in 2 more days, my husband and I will get to see our episode of House Hunters International filmed aobut 6 months ago….good news is, you can see it too!! airs on HGTV Thursday, Oct. 3 at 9:30 p.m. Central! Watch it and let us know what you think of Ecuador!!!

Steve Watkins Media

(Blogger’s Note: TheHouse Hunters International episode featuring our home buying experience in Ecuador will air this Thursday night at 9:30 Central on HGTV.)


Setting up living quarters in another country isn’t something you do every day. Dana and I always dreamed about it, but until about 18 months ago never knew if things would come together in such a way that we could actually pull it off. So because written communication is what I do, and is actually the way I process things mentally, we decided from Day 1 to take the unique experience and chronicle much of it on my blog so family and friends could take part, too.

The whole ordeal has made for some interesting conversation, and we get lots of questions almost every day about all sorts of things. People want to know what it was like to do what we did, and…

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