Father’s day, behind the scenes…

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Many times on Father’s day, during the sermon, dads are honored, some scriptures are read about how to be a good father, a father’s responsibilities and the like.

I don’t ever recall hearing about being a dad behind the scenes though. I think fathers need recognition for all the things they do, behind the scenes and many times don’t receive credit, recognition, or even acknowledgement.

There are as many types of fathers as there are people. This post is dedicated to those dads in my immediate family: my dad, my husband and my brother…..

and any dad who can identify.

For the times you hold your tongues……to us, the moms, wifes or kids who say things that strike a nerve, or when you disagree, or even when we need corrected…but you do it alone as to keep us from embarrassment..

For the times you get the blame, even when it doesn’t belong to you…or when you volunteer to take the blame to shield us from hurt…

For the times you sacrifice in so many ways, financially, from doing what you wanted, even sacrificing your time with us, and from the comforts of rest or even your reputation…

For the burden you bear to provide for and protect your family…..even when you don’t know if anyone recognizes or understands how it weighs on you…

For taking care of business, chores, work, meals and never complaining…

For loving us all unconditionally, which truly must be the hardest thing of all, and you do.

Thank you all, Dad, Steve and Gig, I love you all so much and am so thankful for the fathers that you are.

Happy Father’s Day.