Final post from Ecuador…this trip!

Believe it or not, we are a little sad to be leaving our home here in Ecuador. If you have been following us on our journey, you know there have been surprises along the way and even frustration. This last week we have been able to see our friends here, make new friends, prepared to share our story with the world and we are definitely leaving on a high note.

There are so many things and people we miss back home in Jonesboro, Arkansas, and we can’t wait to be there in a few short days!! I suppose it’s all about perspective. We have so many great stories to share about loving and being loved by the people here. Stories about dealing with the bureacracy of even finding out what we needed to extend our passports for 30 days, down to finding out where and how to pay for our electricity.

These stories will now be part of “our story” and will last a lifetime, I’m sure we will be building many more. We are so grateful for the experience and interest each of you have shown in following along and learning with us.

I have a feeling this part of our adventure has only just begun.