7 days..7 things I won’t miss…..and 7 things I’m looking forward to at home…

Yesterday I mentioned 8 things I will miss about Ecuador.

Today, read about the things I won’t miss.

1. Power Outages.

2.The way we watch television….

T.V.....ish, thankful for our larger monitor and webtv!

T.V…..ish, thankful for our larger monitor and webtv!

3. Driving 30 minutes to an hour for groceries.

Veggie stand in Jipijapa. I will miss the fresh fruits and veggies but not the drive!

4. Hanging out the laundry to dry, and daily sweeping/mopping.

laundry day at casa azul

laundry day at casa azul

5. Doing the dishes, daily.

yep, this was my pile a couple days ago..worst part is, as soon as they are done, it's meal time again!

yep, this was my pile a couple days ago..worst part is, as soon as they are done, it’s meal time again!

6. Bugs, in my house. Scorpians, specifically.

scorpion, Ecuador,

7. Alone time

Top 7 things I’m looking forward to in Jonesboro, Arkansas:

1. Family and Friends!!! (to include our doggie) We’ve missed you all, I’m very thankful for technology, Facebook, email, Skype and Whats App, have allowed us to stay in almost constant communication with many loved ones. We’ve even seen our rowdy cocker spaniel, Snickers via skype, facebook and email photos. Still, there’s nothing quite like being together in person, hugs, kisses, and snuggles…it’s almost time!

2. Our home. We love our big blue and orange home, but anxious to be in our red brick house with our beautiful pool out back and the pansies that have weathered the snowey winter there. We are ready to prepare for some great gatherings!

3. MY JACUZZI BATHTUB! I haven’t taken a bath in 90 days. Showers are ok, but I thoroughly enjoy my large bathtub!!

4. Girlsclub. Yes, all friends are mentioned as number one thing I miss, however my girlfriends and I gather once a week to watch (oh yes,) The Bachelor, Dancing with the Stars, or whatever else may be coming on Monday nights. Thankfully they have continued the ritual with me here weekly via Skype. We’ve had a lot of fun, but ready to visit in person!!

5. Appliances, specifically clothes dryer and dishwasher. My husband mostly misses the microwave.

6. Meat. Since we have been gone, we have eaten seafood, ground beef, lunchmeat, 2 chickens, one package of bacon, steak one time, oh yes, and carne in a can-roast like chunks. It sounds like variety, but looking forward to a few other types!

7. Food. My husband has missed specific items. He’s mentioned many of them both to me and on social media. I have missed just a general variety of foods. We have plenty to eat here, it’s just mostly different. Cooking is different here and we have learned to overcome some of the challenges, but there is still no place like home when it comes to good ole southern cookin’. My husbands famous bbq is among one of the things I’m looking most forward to.