a special thing

I have a special thing in my life. I have a best friend who is also my mate. Today, we celebrate 3 years of marriage. It may not sound like long, but we’ve literally been around the world and back in those three years.

I love Steve for so many reasons and there are so many wonderful things about him. I am blessed to know he is a godly man. He is loving and kind. He is so passionate about the things he believes in. He is creative, spontaneous yet loves a certain amount of routine, same as me.



I was just thinking a day or so ago, how great my self-esteem would be, if only I could see myself as he sees me. He wants me to be myself, and thinks I am always the same. He is smart, funny, innovative and playful. He always includes me in whatever he may be doing.


There are many more things to say and other ways to appreciate, but I am out of time.

I love you Steve.

Happy Anniversary.