somewhat anonymous girlfriends

I have the pleasure of teaching an oral communications this semester at the last minute to help out my alma mater. In the past, I have taught off and on for about 8 years, but it’s been between 3 and 4 ago.

A new chair of the department. A new text. A new level of skill from the students. My class is made up of mostly freshman students and I teach in the early afternoon. In the past I have taught a lot of non-traditional students and in the evening hours.

While checking in at the department office after class, I had the fortune of meeting a fellow instructor.  She was so friendly, verbally competent and passionate about her work. She shared some “golden nuggets” in regards to technology and how it makes part of my job easier.

She was eager to help and share her knowledge, just for the purpose of helping me. It was quite refreshing and made me think of other “girlfriends” along the road of life that have lent a hand to help others.

Here’s to somewhat anonymous girlfriends on the road of life, reaching out to help one another.