Looking thru to see Pacific Blue

Our new storage shack and the view of the Pacific and the Mountains. Our laughable dream.

The month of July is almost over. It’s been a great summer full of laughable dreams, routine and friendships.

Today I can’t seem to get our new view out of my mind. I’m dreaming of December when I will get to look out a new window to the world from my vacation home in Puerto Cayo, Ecuador.

Have you ever heard the term “laughable dreams?” I had not until recently and it’s actually a positive term. I suppose it means: dreaming the unimaginable.

Many times we limit ourselves with negative thinking, self-imposed boundaries, listening to the nay-sayers and plain ole’ fear.

I remember a few years ago in my late 20’s and early 30’s, there was NOTHING I was afraid of.  I had made my mission in life to conquer fear, and I knew with God’s help, there was nothing I couldn’t do.

My first day in Athens, Greece, 2006 sightseeing before the work began. Traveling the world alone, with no fear.

What happened?

A few friends betrayed me, investments were not successful, you might say I made another stint into the “wilderness.” I am so thankful for persistence. Many people kept loving me, my husband kept dreaming, and I started trying to trust others again.

Today, I rarely think about that part of my past. I can only look to today and the future. I’m happy to say how excited I am about heading into my 40’s and the adventure that awaits. I think that is one of the keys to staying happy is to move on from the past. It’s challenging at times, but worth it. I once heard over the radio that, dwelling on the past leads to depression, only focusing on the future causes anxiety, the best choice is to live in the day. Enjoy each breath you are given and start thinking about those laughable dreams.

They just might come true.