Advice from a pro! In my book anyway 🙂

Pilgrim Strong

(Blogger‘s Note: This post is targeted to bloggers who are working to build a strong social media platform – for those who are building a base for marketing their work. For those who simply enjoy a post now and then for the pure pleasure, this advice is absolutely NOT necessary. ~ steve)


It’s taken four months for me to build a solid primary blog at this site. It started with a specific purpose, then it evolved. Through my keyboard punches it took on a life of its own, and I recognized it wasn’t the best of things. Instead of being the focused site I’d intended, it grew to become vague. Mid-way through its early life, it lost its own self-identity.

Over time I found myself writing on a variety of topics – whatever came to mind that I thought was important. It was general, mediocre and blase’.


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