Welcome to MyWindow2theWorld.

We are all curious. Many of us are visual learners, or visually stimulated. I grew up with a mother who was always capturing special times in photos. I always enjoyed looking back through them but could never understand why they weren’t all organized and in albums.

I sit before you now as the owner of 22,517 photos. I would say I did my mom proud. I would also say, I took this hobby/talent to a whole new spectrum. You see, my photos aren’t all laying around in boxes, albums and drawers. Mine are all contained on what I like to call: My BigMac.

In 2006 I purchased something that would forever change my life. My first Apple computer. I was headed on a solo mission to Greece and Morocco to explore becoming a missionary. I needed a small laptop to document my travels and experiences and the mac seemed like the only logical choice.

Six years later, my husband blessed me by giving me the iMac. All the 12,000 photos I had would take on a whole new appearance.

Time for an upgrade

I’ve not usually been the type of person who has a goal in mind and acts accordingly. I’m more of a free spirit, I do what I feel I should be doing, regardless of knowing the purpose. Sometimes I find out the purpose soon after, sometimes I don’t.

Discovering the world of blogging may be just one of the reasons I’ve taken 22,517 photos.

Perhaps I can add value to your life by sharing glimpses of the most beautiful things I’ve seen.

Overview headed to Greece