What is so wonderful about windows? The view. They are a dynamic concept, allowing us to look out from our perspective, and also allowing others to look in and get a new perspective. A window is, if you will, like the process of communication to a photographer.

Having a background in speech communication, recently I have gone through a season of less speaking, and more observing. I’d like to share some of those observations here with you.

My name is Dana L. Watkins and this is my page dedicated to showing you MyWindow2theWorld.

I love to travel and take photos. Am I a professional photographer? No. But I’ve been told how much others enjoy my photos, so I decided to share more of them with you.

Please enjoy the blog and I’d love to follow yours as well. My husband Steven W. Watkins and I discovered the blogging world about 5 months ago and have a mutual love for inspiring others.

You may be in our small hometown in Arkansas, or around the world, but we’d love to hear your stories too.

For more on my love of travel and where it began, check out my post on our mutual blog: