addicted to shooting

You may think you are addiction free. I might even agree with you. What if I were to propose to you that, managed addictions be called passions? would you like it better?

So call it what you will.

One of my sweet addictions, or passions, is shooting photos. I had a dear friend who once explained to me the difference in “picture-taking” and shooting photography.

Although I have no training in photography, he may well have been correct. At that time, however, he only knew me on the surface. He had only seen a few pictures I had taken.

It matters not to me what others call it.

What matters to me is if they find my photos pleasurable. Do you find them pleasurable?

Then call them, pictures, photos, moments captured in time, or whatever you please.

I will call them my passion and my healthy addiction.

Gateway to the Market

May 2006

Morocco May 2006